Pouring Manners into Misbehaving Kids: A Free Course for Mothers – in urdu

Are you a mother looking to transform challenging behaviors into opportunities for growth and learning? Join “Pouring Manners into Misbehaving Kids,” a free online course offered by Ummah Homeschooling, expertly guided by trainer Fasiha Khan.

In this transformative course, we delve into the art of instilling manners and positive behavior in children, even in the face of misbehavior. Trainer will shares her wealth of knowledge and practical techniques to help mothers create a respectful and nurturing homeschooling environment.

Who Can Benefit? This course is designed for homeschooling mothers who want to foster positive behavior, respect, and manners in their children. Whether you’re dealing with occasional misbehavior or facing persistent challenges, this course equips you with the tools and insights to create a polite and respectful homeschooling environment.

Join Fasiha Khan in “Pouring Manners into Misbehaving Kids” and educate yourself with the skills and knowledge to transform misbehavior into valuable opportunities for growth and learning. Enroll today and create a homeschooling atmosphere where good manners and positive behavior thrive.

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