follow messengers not avengers

Thousands of years from now some people on planet Earth were choosen to save rest of mankind. Most righteous humans stand as planet’s line of defence against the worst enemy of humans i.e. devil .
These best people were blessed by their Master a heart full of goodness as well as some powers. The source of their powers was their Master and the message he gave them to enlighten the dark world.

One of these best people would bend an iron while the other one control winds and talk to sea animals . One of them also cured a congenital leprosy while the other one heal hearts with his kind words and many more all by the will of their Master .

How amazing and fascinating !! No..No.. I am not talking about fictional characters. No he is not Iron Man nor Aquaman.
Wait !! If they are not Avengers or comical characters . Then who are they ? Are they from same planet ?
Yes they are humans and from the same Earth . Well I am talking about our prophets most pious , compassionate , credible and beautiful beings . The real superheroes who obey their Lord . For you my child their life is survival kit for this world. Be a superhero of this world and the world hereafter .

Concept by : Ummah Homeschooling

Blog By Fatima Ali


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