September 13, 2021


Pakistan is going to have a very first Homeschooling virtual conference for Pakistani parents.

Nourish to Nurture

Homeschooling & Parenting for a better society

Let’s learn some steps regarding how to nurture our kids in such a way that they may become strong individuals who not only get prepared for best places in Jannah but become icons for the uplifting of our society and ummah as a whole. Let’s listen to some homeschooling parents who are not only working day and night to equip their children with the best of Akhlaq but are also working towards making them able enough to easily step into this competitive world and be the leaders that this Ummah requires.

This conference will provide guidance for homeschoolers and parents so that they may learn the philosophy of learning and try to produce individuals that are better than our generation and may leave a legacy that we parents may be proud of in both the worlds in shaa Allah.

This will be helpful for every individual of a society by showing how men and women collectively raise a society, emotional needs of a mother and father and their impact on society and how Homeschooling creates a strong bond between the family.

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