August 3, 2017

About Us


We at Ummah Home Schooling are dedicated to empower mothers to lead and educate our kids & young generation autonomously with the very knowledge on which our Prophet (peace be upon him) has lived his whole life. A nation is known by the history they are inherited to, therefore, if we look at the youth of the ummah of our Prophet (peace be upon him), the history of Islam seems to be very blurry or at times totally missing from their lives. Therefore, it is our social responsibility to build a world class education system that helps all communities of the world regardless.

We in any sense possible should not to be considered as the competitors of any schooling system that is currently in place. Our core objective is to support the existing schooling system along with the mothers’ literacy to ensure the outcome is healthy minded, intellectual, creative & unbiased youth, who can think on their own, understand the logic along with the moral and ethical values of Islam & Modern world.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to bring about change in the society by empowering mothers with the very knowledge and education system that is required to produce quality leaders among our children & youth. Who not only can lead the world but should lead with utmost compassion & morality based on Islamic Values.”

Our Mission

“To revive the youth by empowering & educating mothers regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or community to make a world a better place to live in; by inspiring & creating solutions for quality education & grooming for our children, parents and young generation.”

Our Values, objectives & goals

It is the responsibility of every intellectual human being to identify and neutralize the issues that our young generation is facing in today’s world of technology and innovation. We in our core concept are looking forward to engage our toddlers, young generation & youth in such activities which are healthier for their bodies as well as for their souls. Social media is a very innovative & powerful tool if handled carefully, however, at the same time it would not be incorrect to say that it has been one of the biggest Modern Addiction for our youth. Therefore, we are committed to incept following Objectives & Goals to achieve & support our vision and mission.


  • Morality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Innovation

Objectives & Goals

  • Leadership Development
  • Improved Mother’s Literacy & Empowerment by providing learning opportunities them so that they could educate their children autonomously.
  • Improved, Influential & Powerful Education System
  • To reach global audience by expanding into homeschool-friendly countries
  • To reach all communities around the world regardless of religion, race, ethnicity & creed.
  • Transparency in conduct.