Surah Mulk

Ramadhan Series
30 Verses 30 Days Challenge
_Ramadhan; The Month of the Qur’ran_
The Sacred month of Ramadhan is around the corner so lets start memorizing Surah Mulk from Holy Book Quran this month with it’s understanding.
Avail the opportunity to learn and hifz Surah Mulk; that can save us from the torment of afterlife, Let’s learn it by heart with Tajweed and understand it in an easy way which relates to us, on this Ramadhan and make it an experience of life change.
*Surah Mulk*
_Hifz/ Translation/ Understanding_
Starting from: *12th April 2021*
*Day:* Monday- Thusday
*Timings:* 10:15 PM (PST)
*Online:* Zoom
*Free of Cost*
Only for Female

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