Fight, Cry & Laugh together

Marriages are not so beautiful, but the relation is… the thing which I like in marriage is that there are two imperfect souls who never gave up on each other. They fight, they lie, they hide, they cheat sometimes, they ignore, they betray, they insult, they give hard times but what may the situation is. They should never ever give up on each other… They unite by the will of Allah and should never do which is not good in the eye of Allah…

fight cry laugh to

The beauty of marriage is to never give up, never leave, never give a feel that we can live better without each other. The beauty is to carry all imperfections, all lies, all heartbroken situations and all little sobbing together. If one is not more complete than other shields help him/her to complete… Both need to educate each other with love, care and affection. Men are less expressive they can’t act like us women. So, women should learn to bear this thing as much as she can, because it’s a man’s nature he can’t fix it as we can’t fix our extreme emotional feelings.

Try to give eachother an infinite option of chance, help each other, declare your hearts for each other… Show them your love, care the little teenager inside you. Marriage need expression, the more you express the more you enjoy life. If he/she doesn’t care don’t worry less your car, seriously, it’s a life time person with whom you are dealing… try to be like water, mold yourself… Careless or die with a lot of care and unsatisfactory life. Don’t be over aggressive because no matter what tore the word separation and then live a life with this that end will be “we sit together and “fight, cry & laugh together”

fasiha (umme umar)



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