The beneficial art of cut, stitch and sew

To play with inches tape, chalks, cutting scales, colorful threads always gives me goosebumps, they are not mare measurements for me, but the art to map your inner situation and keeps you stress free along with 24/7 creative. Locally, we take this art for granted and never puts efforts on it, but let us see Read more about The beneficial art of cut, stitch and sew[…]

Social or Asocial Butterflies? Part-2

In the previous Article we talked about the increasing trend of ‘manufacturing graduates’, the decreasing trend of parent-child quality interaction, how our society is always promoting fish to climb trees, and the lack of attention given to the ‘tarbiyah’ of the child. Moving on from these intrapersonal aspects, we’ll now discuss some ‘interpersonal’ ones – Read more about Social or Asocial Butterflies? Part-2[…]